Quality Assurance

Ambition to achieve the very highest possible levels of excellence and quality across the whole range of services we provide, is central to the function of Genesis cte. To achieve this objective, regular practical measures are built into the daily process of delivery. These are built firmly on the following principles:

Our Primary Focus

Children and Young adults are placed firmly at the centre of everything we do. Thus, our Quality Assurances system are not merely an examination of information, or focused solely on achieving compliance. Rather, this approach is central to ensuring that the interest of the children and young adults are met, and that they thrive as a consequence of what we do.

Responsibility & Accountability

From the most junior member of staff through to the Board of Directors Floor, we have put in place clear lines of accountability. It is our firm belief that quality and safety are based on a system that ensures everyone across the organisation is completely clear about their individual roles, their authority, the specific skills required, their individual limitations, and the parameters of their role and the responsibilities that go with it, guaranteeing visible accountability from top to bottom of the organisation,

Using Data

Key to any fully effective Quality Assurance system is the objective analysis of relevant, objective data, collated across a range of activities and occurrences (including but not limited to, all complaints compliments from all children, young adults and other stakeholders, independent visitors reports, incident analysis, safeguarding, health and safety, human resources, progress and outcomes). A continuous process of auditing, critically reviewing practice and interventions, based upon collecting information has been developed to ensure that we are learning and improving all the time.

Transparency & A Learning Culture

In order to maximise the benefits of analysis and critical review, a non-blame culture that encourages and celebrates honesty, and that takes a learning and reflective view toward errors and mistakes is essential. Genesis cte encourages openness and transparency, with processes that actively seeks out critical appraisal internally and externally. It is this that encourages continual learning, growth and improvement.

Strategy & Vision

Good and effective governance is simply about the collection of information for information sake. Rather, it the mechanism through which we ensure that we are achieving what we set out to do and deliver. This can only be achieved if there is a clear and shared vision, underpinned by a strategy that details the necessary practical steps required to achieve our central goal of delivering excellent outcomes for children and young adults.


Please note, thanks to the continued dedication of our staff all our residential services are operating normally. Our schools are temporarily closed but with our teaching staff continuing to educate remotely. Our support staff are balancing their attendance between the office and home working, hence our central office functions can continue to operate efficiently.