An Introduction

by Martin Davies, Chief Executive, Genesis cte

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Genesis cte is a new company providing residential and therapeutic services to children and young adults with a variety of social, psychological, behavioural and mental health challenges. We also provide access to SEN education. We operate a small number of four and five-bedded homes in Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Pembrokeshire.

In general, most of the children we cater to present with histories of placement instability, and have engendered high levels of professional concern across multiple agencies, including some with serious safeguarding concerns. They may have also experienced highly disrupted educational and psychosocial development. Many will also have experienced significant challenges in establishing and maintaining relationships, particularly with care givers.

Each of the homes has a clearly defined sub-speciality, ensuring that we provide teams experienced and skilled teams to meet particular needs within an environment and culture especially designed and resourced to cater for them. These sub-specialities include severe attachment and trauma issues, child sexual exploitation, self-harm and associated risk taking behaviours, sexual harmful behaviour and autism.

In addition to our children’s homes, we also have two special needs day schools (one in Gloucestershire and one in Pembrokeshire). These operate as independent day schools, providing schooling for children living in our homes, alongside children living locally in foster care, and with their parents. The schools offer a broad-based curriculum, a full-time timetable, commitment to high educational attainment (including access to external examinations) for children from Key Stages Two, Three and Four.

To ensure these complex needs are met, and children can be supported towards positive outcomes, Genesis cte places the highest value on full regulatory compliance. This is achieved by a comprehensive programme of monitoring quality standards, with early intervention strategies developed to recognise and act upon shortfalls. We are committed to partnership approaches both with our regulators (Ofsted, CQC, CIW, Estyn) and with our local authority and NHS customers. We see regular feedback and the highest standards in reporting, as some of the most important Key Performance Indicators we monitor.

There is a firm commitment to staff development, offering employees the opportunity to obtain formal qualifications and a broad-base of specialist training pertinent to working with the specific sub-specialist client group. We are committed to creating a positive culture for all staff, within which they can develop their full potential as professionals.

Genesis cte operates predominately within rural communities. We believe that these environments provide the best opportunity for children and young adults to be cared for safely, and for them to work towards achieving their potential and ambitions. We are cognisant of our potential impact on our host communities, and endeavour not only to foster the best possible relationships with friends and neighbours, but also to find ways to fully integrate and contribute positively.

We hope that the details contained in this website go some way to explaining how we go about trying to achieve our ambitious aims for children and young adults, our local authority and NHS customers, our staff and the communities in which we operate.

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Martin Davies (MA,RMN)

Martin Davies (MA,RMN)



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Please note, thanks to the continued dedication of our staff all our residential services are operating normally. Our schools are temporarily closed but with our teaching staff continuing to educate remotely. Our support staff are balancing their attendance between the office and home working, hence our central office functions can continue to operate efficiently.